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May 13, 2017 6:19 AM

1. In Pokémon Go there are no pokémon centers, therefore revives and potions are the only way to restore hurt or fainted pokémon.

2. Until you’re at least level 10 don’t evolve pokémon — the enhancement you receive in CP from evolution is secured to your character level, and the higher your level, the greater the gain.

3. The quickest way to hatch pokémon eggs. Just Hop on a bicycle and enjoy the ride.

4. Good to have: An external battery! Pokémon Go can be an enormous battery drain on your phone, because the app needs to be running continually.

5. When catching pokémon outside please ensure to stay hydrated.

6. Play it smartly, ensure to always be aware of your surrounding and people nearby.

7. You may want to consider turning off the augmented reality interface — it’s quite entertaining to observe pokémon in the real world, but the camera devours more battery life and continuous movement can make pokémon more challenging to catch.

8. Pokémon Go largely relies on Google Maps data — to cut down on battery usage and data feeding.

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Enjoy the latest global rage Pokémon Go!