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May 13, 2017 6:20 AM

Pokémon, in its virtual realm is now a mega celebrity to reckon with and has become a global sensation, thanks to its new avatar as Pokémon Go. This AR creature-catching game is setting up new records in both the Android and iOS app stores, and it is all set to have more daily active users than Twitter. Well, at least an install base of 7.5 million players so far justifies this claim.

Augmented Reality has been around for quite some time now. But it has not succeeded in garnering the attention from mainstream technology enthusiasts. AR as a technology has mostly been restricted to specific applications and has always struggled to find an apt integration with daily routine of our lives. A complete inverse trend when compared with its technological akin VR – Virtual Reality – that has managed to catch the attention of many industry experts and is being hailed as the new and trend defining technology in IT sector. VR has already managed to gain patronage from the bigwigs of IT industry. Consumer-grade VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are available now and gaining huge user acceptance all over the world. Whereas high-profile AR projects like Hololens are still in their infancy and have a long way to go before they catch up with the current market trends.

But with Pokémon Go, AR as a technology has resurfaced on the mental landscape of major IT giants and is gaining the lost ground rapidly. If the trend stays the same we at HireHere have no doubt it will be reckoned as one of the major technologies of future with endless possibilities to explore. With Pokémon Go experiencing huge user acceptance the popularity quotient of AR Technology will certainly experience a significant positive trend.

Pokémon Go is not merely a game it is a phenomenon and a great introduction to AR, that successfully manages to show people how the technology works while engaging them via the game with the world that surrounds each one of us. The entire experience is almost real and without AR technology achieving this level of convincing and engaging gaming experience would have been impossible.

AR Technology has definitely found a moment of resurrection in Pokémon Go and at HireHere we believe AR – Augmented Reality – is here to stay alongside its parallel VR – Virtual Reality – At least for AR as long as Pokémon Go is setting new records it is bound to establish vast acceptance among technology experts with adequate endorsement in the existing technology ecosystem.HireHere has successfully accomplished many projects in AR and VR space and this new trend has encouraged us to pursue them with renewed passion for excellence.

If you have an app idea that you wish to explore via AR or VR technologies please feel free to get in touch with us.