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October 12, 2015 2:14 PM

This question has stirred a nationwide debate and everybody has opined on the topic with adequate laxity in expressing his/her point of view because everyone seems to ignore the emotional repercussions this will have for the child who is so young and caught up in the cross roads of determining his sexual identity.

I do not know how it feels when one looks like a boy but feels like a female? Perhaps I would never know because my genetic composition is not destined to feel this emotional or gender identity swing. But I am sure God’s compositions are never defective unlike human creations; they always serve a purpose and have a meaning not known to us in the beginning. Similarly, in creating genetic compositions with dual gender identities there certainly is something for us – so called normal lot – to comprehend and respect with due social acceptance and validation.

And I do not feel hopeless, because Gavin Grimm has not been disavowed by his family and they stand by him through this ordeal. Almost like a German father who realized his son, just 3 years old, loved wearing female dresses, and to make him feel normal and not left out wondering about his liking for dresses normally worn by other gender, he – the father – started wearing female dresses himself to make him feel happy and normal. What a great human being and what an ideal father! I wonder how many of us have the courage to go to this extent in supporting our children, and we still call ourselves men with courage. Courage always does not relate to punching, wrestling, or shooting someone in the battlefield. I believe it takes more courage to be patient and to be yourself in the midst of a social structure that is hell bent on criminalizing your genetic instinct about how you feel about yourself, your personality, and your gender.

So, let us show some decency and courage and be real men by letting Gavin Grimm live his childhood without interfering in his natural growth patterns. Moreover, Gavin Grimm just needs to use a rest room and I think this is not an issue dealing with National security. The fact is, he is a human being and that is enough. Quoting Vicky McClure “I just feel like I’m such a normal person in an industry that is so chaotic and crazy. I am what I am, and I can’t change it. And I don’t want to change it”