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5G Network and its impact!

May 9, 2018 5:40 PM

We have made a quick transition from 3G to 4G network and we are all set to embrace 5G network no later than the end of 2019 or latest by mid-2020. It will be the beginning of new era driven by smart technology, potentially empowering consumers and companies alike. 5G network will be unlike any of its predecessors - 3G and 4G networks - because 5G internet will definitely be 8 to 10 times faster than 4G, And if that happens, 5G internet will be better than most home internet services. This would doubtlessly transform the way consumers interact with the internet and the way developers think about apps and streaming content.

The revolutionary 5G internet speed will generate opportunities for every industry. Combining network speeds of more than 10 Gbps with almost negligible latency, it will play a pivotal role in defining new and huge broadband applications. 5G will provide a high potential growth platform for many industries i.e. travel entertainment, gaming, Information & technology, automotive, health, manufacturing and many other business sectors.

With the emergence and widespread use of 5G many business-critical applications will notice a transition to operate on the wireless network. The new age business applications which will rely largely on 5G network will have to be build using new architectures and network speeds in mind. And in order to fully support these applications, the network will need to provide consistent, dependable and highly predictable service levels relative to capacity, throughput, and latency. These high standards of reliability and capability to generate higher throughput with minimum latency levels will be exceedingly superior to the capacity of existing network. The network of the future, 5G, will play a key role in developing an entirely automated and flexible production system. It will support a super-agile infrastructure that minimizes the use of resources while enabling immersive augmented and virtual reality technologies to redefine business processes driven by precision and agility.

5G technology is going to be a trendsetter for many new technologies and business processes and applications alike. Which means, designers, developers, data scientists, developers, and consumers will have to prepare at their own individual levels to embrace and adapt to this new and super fast 5G network, which will give rise to a new generation of internet.

Also, there will be an increased demand for website redesign along with business process application change at the architectural level in order to make the optimum use of 5G network. It will also add new dimensions of possibilities to AR and VR technologies, and 5G will completely redefine online gaming sector. The smartphones will get lot smarter with many interactive features that may act as principal facilitators when it comes to keeping a watch on your health, new job opportunities matching your profile and lot more. It will be an intelligent and data-driven virtual companion that you cannot live without.

While smartphones are getting smarter to become fit for 5g network, we at HireHere are getting ready for both – 5G network and the smartphone that is smarter than usual. Come and explore the impossible with Hirehere!