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December 29, 2016 9:09 AM

Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities. These were the words of Leon Kass. Indeed technological novelty contributes directly to economic progression and offers endless opportunities for the technology savvy workforce. However, it has its downsides as well and may prove to be otherwise if the futuristic change in technology is not controlled and not monitored closely.

Given the current shift in ace technologies and their direct impact on job pools across the globe is tremendous and the ripple effect is already leaving many expats across many countries jobless and many more clueless as to what led their employers to shed so many jobs at such an alarming rate. Were they taken by surprise or was it their lack of foresight to predict this change in technology that would eventually force them to cut down employment ratio in order to maintain a sustainable profit ratio?

New technologies like Super Smart Cloud, Nano Technology, and Advanced Robotics have already toppled the employment structure at giants like #Cisco, Intel, #Dell and many more. Hardware companies are struggling to keep up with instant technology shifts wherein mobile applications and cloud computing are becoming increasingly important. And have made the use of many services offered by Cisco like companies redundant.

According to industry experts “Today hardware engineers are perhaps the least needed skill set in the Silicon Valley.” According to outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Technology companies in the United States have shed about 63,000 jobs so far and this is certainly a huge and worrying number.

Given the existing technology ecosystem these hardware experts or networking engineers will have to be flexible if they want to be hired by other companies and upgrade their skill sets to come at pace with the latest market need. This will potentially reduce their chances of #unemployment. But one thing is for certain, there will be more layoffs in the coming months and the numbers can escalate to any extent. And with technologies like super cloud and Advanced Robotics gaining a firmer ground job opportunities are least likely to increase because these technologies are designed to be less labor intensive.

A titanic advance in technology is already threatening to create an under-class of low-skilled people whose jobs have been automated. Low-paid, repetitive positions are most likely to vanish and will create a pool of unemployed youth seeking and struggling to find a way out. Almost like the job pool that was created by a sudden surge in BPOs – Business Process Outsourcing – and when the business opportunities dwindled, millions of so-called skilled employees were almost rendered redundant. Because their skills were unnecessary for the IT enabled services companies that were hiring at higher rate now. If technology is the cause of this situation it is the same technology that can rescue the many unemployed from this crisis like situation, if only they are willing to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing Technology that has direct impact on global employment patterns.

At HireHere we encourage such brave hearts that are willing to take on the new challenges and enhance their skills in order to stay current and in sync with the requirements of constantly evolving employment market. Our experts are already comfortable with new technologies like Super Cloud, Virtual Reality and Many more. Join HireHere and be the force to change the world of technology. Together we always can!