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By registering with HireHere you are accepting to comply with HireHere Terms & Conditions, which also relates to your legal acquiescence in endorsing  the logic HireHere uses to charge and calculate commission/surcharge/miscellaneous payments on total receivable payment/s or payment cycles; a cumulative of which reflects as separate component - HireHere Commission -  in the invoice associated with every payment . However, this may or may not cover third party surcharges/commissions/service processing fee charged by third party agencies/componets over which HireHere exercises no direct control, but are essential for the normal functioning of HireHere as an online portal.

Third parties/components may include but does not only restrict itself to few examples given below:

Also, the commission/surcharge/miscellaneous payments  reflecting in the invoice as - HireHere Commission - is subject to change and we have absolute authority in calculating it , while not exceeding the industry endorsed standard for charging service processing fee, where lowest and highest slabs are within industry standards but implemented and calculated solely by HireHere. And it may also vary depending on target jurisdiction, but is not restricted or governed by any particular legal terminology or guidelines defining commissions/surcharges processed against offering an online service or using an online portal to facilitate rendering of service between the client and vendor in order to get a project/task delivered in accordance with mutually accepted payment terms between client and vendor.  Which will always be processed - payment/s due against a completed milestone -  after HireHere has debited its commission/surcharge/miscellaneous payments for using HireHere as a medium to facilitate the process. Covering both, the client who is the project owner  and vendor  responsible for executing the project.

It is applicable in case of invoiced hours , fixed-price milestones and any other payment pattern/cycle/milestone defined and accepted between Client and Vendor. And both, client and vendor are free to choose the payment cycles and HireHere has no role to play in this part of payment equation between Client and vendor listed/registered on HireHere.

Exception: Projects being directly executed by HireHere, wherein HireHere team directly shortlists the vendor for client project/s and is involved in the complete lifecycle of project , right from initiation to completion phase. HireHere will define in detail commission/surcharge/miscellaneous payments to the respective client and only then proceed with next step/s. And it may vary from client to client depending upon the extent/degree of involvement required from HireHere team to get the project executed in accordance with client expectations.